At OHCKC, in the heart of OVERLAND PARK, since the Olympics, I have a lot of people asking me, “What is that tape stuff the swimmers have on their backs?” or “Is this the same thing that the beach volley ball players have on their shoulders?” The answer is KINESO TAPE and yes! In my practice we started using this type of tape well over 6 years ago, back then people weren’t that excited about trying it, but after they began to see in on the beach volley ball players 4 years ago they became more interested in giving it a try.

The tape was developed by a Japanese CHIROPRACTOR, Dr Kenzo Kase. The tape stretches in one direction and has glue that I like to describe as a finger print. In other words the glue is the ridge of the print and there is a void with no glue between the ridges. This tape will bond to the skin in twenty minutes and will stay on through showering and activity any where from 3 days to a week. The tape will help LYMPHATIC FLOW as the person moves through motion. We have played with the tape, taping over a bruise, removing it in a few days, to see no bruise under the area that had tape over it. So we can visually see that it clears the lymphatic (and damaged tissue) more quickly than without tape.

The tape has 4 major functions: Supports Muscles, Removes Congestion, Corrects JOINT PROBLEMS, Activates Endogenous Analgesic system. I like to refer to that last one, as “mother’s hand”; the joint taped just feels better, well like a “Mothers hand is on it”.

The key thing to realize is that the tape is not like old athletic tape used to wrap up joints so they won’t move. Like foot ball players who tape there ankles and shoes together in hopes of preventing an ankle sprain. Kineso tape is more dynamic and allows movement, but supports it.

I first used KINESO TAPE after I had a ROTATOR CUFF INJURY and I was amazed how it gave support and comfort to the shoulder joint. It worked well as a complement to other treatments of ART (a soft tissue technique) and Laser, allowing me to improve and get much better faster. To apply Kineso tape one does need to know a bit about how muscle and joint move and what needs to be supported. There are other types of tape now available, “knock off’s”. One is K-tape. I personally don’t think it’s a good but it is very similar and will do a passable job if need be.

Dr.Stephen Gradwohl

Optimal Health Center