VE came to Optimal Health Center suffering from lower back pain...who would have thought "Cancer"...Dr. Gradwohl would have!


I had been having pain in my lower back and when chiropractic adjustments, manipulation and physical therapy did not help Dr. Gradwohl took x-ray's and then sent me for an MRI and after consulting with the radiologist discovered a plasmacytoma (a group of cancerous cells that had eaten between the L4 and L5 in my spine).  The cancer escalated to Multiple Myeloma and after a stem cell transplant I am in a "Good Remission" says my oncologist's.  I am fortunate and blessed that Dr. Steve acted on his concern from the results of the x-ray's and immediately sent me for an MRI and then referred me to an oncologist.  All of my oncologist's have been amazed and surprised that my Chiropractor first discovered the possibility of a plasmacytoma.  I believe his immediate action and concern has saved me from a more advanced or serious case of cancer.  Dr Steve is giving me enzyme therapy to help my immune system fight the affects of radiation and chemotherapy to my internal organs.

I have had Chronic Restless Leg Syndrome for the last 5 years, my cholesterol was high, and I was told by my Primary Care Physician that I would have to be on medication for high cholesterol for the rest of my life, I had frequent migraine headaches, and some sinus problems.  Since I have been receiving enzyme therapy and following the PAN diet I no longer have Restless Leg Syndrome, my cholesterol has been normal, I have not had a migraine headache for over a year and my sinus problems are gone. 

My experience with the Doctors and their staff is that they were very caring and concerned about the health of their patients and I am Blessed to have them helping me.

FB came to Optimal Health Center after suffering for nearly three years!

She says: I had been nauseated with a loss in appetite and consequently weight (~40 lbs.), sleeplessness, frequent abdominal cramping, depression, nervousness and weakness for 2 1/2-3 years before seeing Dr. Gradwohl for my symptoms.  My primary care physician did all he could with medications, tests, and observation.  When he was unsuccessful he sent me to specialists in a variety of fields, each performing tests and prescribing medications.  When they were unsuccessful, they referred me to other physicians who tried to find the source of the problem.  None were sucessful, and I still had the same symptoms.

My son, a medical doctor, had recommended chiropractic treatment with Dr. Gradwohl for chronic Degenerative Disc Disease.  I'd been treated with adjustments and care for this condition and had come to trust Dr. Gradwohl.  When the medical doctors were unable to find an effective treatment for my condition, my son recommended that I talk to Dr. Gradwohl about my symptoms and treating them with alternative medicine.

My treatments have included acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments & enzymes.  Over time, I began feeling better with less nausea and a lessening of my other symptoms.  Dr. Gradwohl guided me to the right nutrition, enzymes and certain exercises to keep my body strong and other suggestions for a healthy lifestyle.

One thing stands out in my mind concerning Dr. Gradwohl and his staff; he or his staff was always available at any time I had questions concerning my illness.  This gave me such a secure feeling after such a long time being ill.  At this time, I take very few prescribed medications as my body is responding to the treatments of Dr. Gradwohl.  I am so thankful that our son recommended him to me as the treatments of alternative medicine are succeeding in giving me my life back!

D.C. came to Optimal Health Center suffering from chronic constipation, chronic low back pain, and restricted movement in her neck. 

She says: I have been constipated for over 20 years.  I've been told to eat more dietary fiber and to take Citrucell.  It's been a never ending cycle, and I'd had no progress.  One week after starting the Enzyme Program at OHC I began having daily bowel movements.  Within a month, I'd lost 4 pounds and 8 inches as the bloating disappeared.  I am so excited! 

With regard to my back and neck, I'd thought I'd just have to live with the pain and reduced mobility.  I had not previously sought treatment for either condition.  Dr. Steve told me that my back problem is caused by a disc in my lower back that is attached on one side, but open on the other.  I'm amazed by the progress!  I can actually feel the muscles in my lower back and I'm able to stretch further than I have in my entire life.  My neck has been a weak spot since high school.  Dr. Steve's treatment has greatly increased my range of motion. 

 Dr. Steve is awesome!  At the beginning of his consultation, he address my main areas of concern and method of treatment.  Throughout my care, Steve has invited questions and is willing to work on new areas of concern.  Dr. Steve is very attentive to my needs and problems.  If someone told me I would feel this much better in as little as four weeks, I would have laughed at them.  Dr. Steve is a blessing in my life and I would refer anyone to his care.  He has done wonders for me!

WG came to Optimal Health Center suffering from digestive distress, constitpation, gas, discomfort in bowels (causing poor sleep) and more muscle soreness than normal.

He says: I've suffered from these problems for at least 30 years.  I increased my high fiber food intake to relieve my constipation, but it increased my gas and bloating.  I tried a vegetarian diet, but muscle discomfort and soreness increased.  Since beginning the Enzyme Program at OHC, my muscle soreness has decreased; gas and bloating are rare occurrences; constipation is now rare; I'm sleeping better; I can eat larger quantities of healthy foods like cauliflower, peppers, etc. without digestive discomfort.  The healthy eating that is recommended along with the enzyme therapy is a plus itself.  I appreciate that my diet is tailored to work with my body chemistry.  The treatment of an intestinal yeast infection has made me feel much better.

MH was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome at age 14.

She says: Dietary changes made only a slight difference.  The enzymes are helping with the irregular bowel movements and has decreased my stomach swelling and cramping.

MP has suffered from low back pain with prolonged standing for as long as she can remember.

She says: I've never had any other treatments or taken any meds.  I just thought it was something I had to live with.  I haven't had any low back pain for over a year!  I had never seen a chiropractor or had an adjustment before, but it's definitely something I plan on continuing!

LH wanted off her RA medication and had tried many other options to no avail.

Dr. Bates is amazing! She helped me navigate what my body was trying to tell me. She is like an interpreter! :) She is very patient, caring, a great listener, but also very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for answers about their health. Also, the staff at her office has always been so personable and professional: a five star place for sure!

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